Prenatal Workout

So let's get you moving!

Sweatntone offer a home training program that you can feel comfortable and confident doing throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond! These workouts are roughly 30 minutes to 45mns long and hit almost every muscle in your body! Efficient, effective, energizing

All workouts are broken up by each trimester, modifying exercises as your pregnancy progresses. You will love feeling empowered and strong from your first workout to your last!

What You Can Expect: A full Support from Me!

  • A list of different trimester specific workouts focusing on total body strengthening
  • Nutrition guide- Complete list of all the nutrients your growing baby needs, explanation of foods you shouldn’t have & why, easy & delicious recipes/menu items
  • Education about why maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle is not only important you for but for your baby too!

Pre Natal Benefits:

Pregnant women who follow a fitness regime devised by their Online Trainer will notice several benefits, including:

  • Improved circulation, for both mother and baby
  • Reduction in leg cramps, swelling, blood pooling and water retention
  • Less muscular and gastro-intestinal discomfort
  • Reduction of lower back pain
  • Offset of postural imbalances, such as lordosis (curvature of the lower spine) and kyphosis (rounded upper back), which can occur in pregnancy

Exercising in pregnancy can also lead to:

  • Reduction of weight gain during pregnancy
  • Easier, shorter labour
  • Reduced pain during labour
  • Quicker postnatal recovery
  • Better self image for the mother

4 Weeks Post-Natal Reboot

MY Post-Natal Reboot online programme is tailor-made to you and will help you recover and rebuild your body. You will be looked after every step of the way by Me.

Am a Pre & Post Natal instructor. I was the owner of BuggyFitMums in Kuwait for few years.

I will definetly incoporate all sorts of SAFE exercice for Post Natal Mums: On-Mat & Swissball, Yoga and Pilates exercices too Also if you want to workout Outside with your baby , i will be able to organise a full BuggyFit workout for you and your Baby so you can enjoy outside and take some fresh air.

You will need of course to fill a Consultation questionnaire before you purchase. I will contact you within 24 hours of purchasing the programme

Programme Details:

  • 4-week post-natal recovery programme
  • A weekly online coaching session: 1 x 75 minute or 1 x 30 minute + 1 x 45 minute online session(s) per week
  • Unlimited support via emails and texts / Whatsapp
  • Post-natal online training demos by ME or videos
  • The exercise programme is tailored to the individual and progresses on a weekly basis

Programme Goals:

  • Strengthen your posture and core muscles
  • Re-energise your body versus depleting your body. My goal is for you to feel a post-workout energy boost from your training sessions so that you can also attend to all your mum duties.
  • Rebuild and re-activate weak post-pregnancy muscles including lower back pain management, diastasis recti, doming, C-section recovery and poor daily movement habits.