Nutrition & Confinement

Living in airconditioned rooms, in our comfortable beds, counting days since the world has been completely locked down and thinking about the best possible ways to spend this duration. Amidst the crisis and uncertainty, we are all looking forward to a reason to escape.

Food has always been man’s most attractive sanctity. In this lockdown, all the offices, schools, and workplaces are closed. Gyms are also closed, and people are confined to their homes with no outdoor activity. The physical movements and activities are reduced to zero. It is done as an important precautionary measure; however, it has a disadvantage.

The lethargy and lack of physical and mental exercise lead to an idle mind and body. The apparent result in the body is obesity. The weight gain is an inevitable result of this confinement at homes.

People are figuring out ways to protect themselves from pandemic as well as from the drastic effects of a continuous lockdown.

The most important tip to free yourself from this hazard of obesity is to Eat Healthy Food.

Avoid the junk foods which are so readily available; just one phone call away. Eat home-cooked meals. Most importantly, try to utilize the old lawns of homes and grow vegetables and fruits; there are utilize their nutrition. Moreover, a balanced diet will keep you healthy in days of inactivity. Taking the right calculated amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and taking all essential vitamins and minerals is extremely important.

The other tip that is useful in days of confinement is to keep yourself active even inside houses. Actively participate in household activities, and do exercise or a brisk walk or yoga inside your house.

Brisk walking for 30 minutes daily, on your house’s roof, has beneficial effects.

With the easy availability of information technology, one can easily acquaint themselves with useful exercise techniques.

Create a fitness timetable and mark the days and times at which you are supposed to do physical exercise. Never forget to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated, metabolism flourished, and to maintain good and healthy skin.

Surround yourself with positive energy, motivational talks, and try listening and talking and indulging in positive talks with your kin.

Make a proper sleep schedule. Do not overdo or underdo it. Our body needs an adequate amount of sleep for its metabolic balance.

Processed foods and tin cans should be avoided. Make sure to take a good healthy breakfast and try to avoid late-night meals